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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Geotag Photos work without the internet connection?
Yes, Geotag Photos will work even when your phone is not connected to the internet.

All it is needed for capturing location is GPS signal, which is available anywhere for free. 

When in comes to uploading your trips, you of course need to use the internet.
Does desktop version supports RAW camera formats?
Yes, and plenty of them. Desktop Geotag Photos Pro supports more than 40 RAW files formats, including the most common NEF, CRW, CR2, RAW, RW2 and so on.
How much will Geotag Photos drain my battery?
It's really hard to say, because it depends on your phone and condition of  its battery. But Geotag Photos gives you the freedom to balance between battery life and accuracy with the logging interval option. When you set the logging interval to about 2 minutes, it should be enough for the whole day of usage on most devices, while still remaining accurate.
How can I reset my password?
To change your password simply visit: https://www.geotagphotos.net/lost-password
I have two accounts and I want to merge them.
Just email us both usernames and email addresses to support@tappytaps.com and we... více
What is difference between the Lite and Pro versions (iOS only)?
The Lite version doesn't have the autolog feature. This means that you have to press the button every time you want to record your position. 
But the main benefit of the Lite version is, that it let's you try the features of the full version for three days. You can enable the Pro trial on the welcome screen.
Desktop app says "Exiftools can't be opened"
Exiftools is an open source library that Geotag uses to write the GPS data to EX... více
Desktop app won't find any matching photos
This happens when the time, date or time zone setting in camera is not synced with your phone.
To resolve it, enter your  time on your camera into the dialog that pops up, and Geotag Photos Pro will calculate the time difference and then geotag your images.
If you do know the exact time difference, just enter it into the Camera Time Settings dialog located on the bottom right of the Geotag Photos Pro screen.
I uploaded my trip, but it is not visible on the web.
This happens when your trip is not uploaded to the server correctly. To fix it:
On Android
Open the Geotag Photos Pro on your phone > open the menu > select "GeotagPhotos.net" under "Services and accounts" and press "Reupload" 
On iOS
Open the Geotag Photos Pro on your phone, go to Settings > geotagphotos.net, then select "Upload old d
I cannot link mobile application with Dropbox.
Our Geotag Photos app currently doesn’t support automatic linking with Dropbox on Android devices.

But if you have the Dropbox app installed on your device, there is a way you can get your trip to your Dropbox folder.

1) Go to the History tab
2) Choose your trip
3) Press the "blue arrow"
4) Choose "Export by email" option
5) Choose "Add to Dropbox"

Now your trip is going to be added to Dropbox and you will find it in your synced devices.
We are working on automation of this process and we will release it as a free update soon.
Which app do you recommend to work with geotagged images?
You can use the free Google Picasa or Apple's Photos app, professional apps like Adobe Lightroom or Aperture and many others. You can also upload geotagged photos to web services like Flickr.
How can I use Geotag Photos with Lightroom?
Geotag Photos is a great complement to Lightroom. With internal geotagging features of Lightroom's map module and GPX file from Geotag Photos app, the process of adding position to your images is incredibly easy. 
Can I use Geotag Photos in Airplane mode?
Yes, in iOS the airplane mode blocks only the Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth viz. link .
In case you have an Android phone running Geotag Photos, it should be possible to switch on GPS even when the phone is in airplane mode, so Geotag Photos will work correctly.
How can I get the GPX file of my trip?
There are multiple ways how you can get the GPX file of your trip.

1.Using Dropbox 
If you are using Dropbox, all you have to do is link Geotag Photos with your Dropbox account, which can be done in Account settings.
Once Geotag Photos is linked with Dropbox, your trips will be automatically uploaded as a GPX file to Dropbox/Apps/Geotag photos.
More info can be found in this video tutorial: http://youtu.be/Vqbw5Aw3U90
2.Using Google Drive (Android only, coming soon to iOS) 
Simply add the Google Drive account in the Account and services settings and all your trips will be automatically uploaded as a GPX file. 
3. Email yourself the GPX file 
Open Geotag Photos on your phone, go to the "Trips history" section and click on the Share icon next to the trip name. From there you can email yourself the GPX file of the selected trip.
4. Download it from geotagphotos.net
First of all upload your recorded trip. Than log in on geotagphotos.net with your username and password and go to "My Trips" section. Each trip can be downloaded as a GPX file.
How can I reupload my trips?
On Android Open Geotag Photos Pro on your phone > open the menu > select ... více
How can I get desktop application?
The desktop version of Geotag Photos is available for free on geotagphotos.net. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Do you plan to distribute your desktop app in Mac App Store?
At the moment we don't plan to add the Desktop app to the Mac App Store, but we'... více