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How to pair new device?

Watch our step-by-step video guide on how to pair two devices.

There are two ways how to pair a new device:

1. Automatic pairing

  1. Run the app on both devices, and tap on "Get started" on one of them
  2. Chose a device you'd like to pair with from the list
  3. Confirm the pairing request on the second device

If you already have Family Account, simply log in with that account on the new device. It will be added to your Family Account and automatically paired with all devices under your account.

2. Manual pairing

If you don't see any device on the list, you can pair a new device manually.

  1. On one device, tap on the (123) in the upper right corner to display a pairing code
  2. On the second device, tap on "No device found?" and choose "Enter code"
  3. After entering the code, accept the pairing request on the second device, and they both will be paired
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