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Chromebook support

Čvn 21, 2015
John napsal
Any chance of a Chromebook version of the desktop version? I'm almost at a point that I can go on my travels with only a Chromebook instead of a windows laptop, apart from geotagging my photos!
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Čvn 22, 2015
Martin Saidl agent napsal

thank you very much for your email and for using our app.

We are definitely planning to add chromebook support in future. So please be patient it will come in next few months.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Čvn 22, 2015
John napsal
Excellent! Many thanks!
Čvn 22, 2015
Martin Saidl agent napsal
I am happy to hear that everything works correctly.

If you have ever any problems or question, please feel free to write us again.

It would be be also great if you could review Geotag Photos on App store.
Led 30, 2016
Kenji Motobayashi napsal
Hi Martin,

When the chromebook support will arrive? I really need this feature.

Led 30, 2016
Jakub Lajner agent napsal
Hi Kenji

We apologize for delay.

Unfortunately we don't know when the Chromebook version of desktop app will be released.

Thank you for understanding.

Led 30, 2016
John napsal
That's a shame, was looking forward to this :-(
Dub 20, 2016
HAns napsal
Looking forwad to this solution as well, since a chrome is the perfect travel companion!