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Switch and continue trips and sub-trips

Čvc 09, 2016
Frederico Pflug napsal
Would be great if the app would allow to switch between trips and allow to continue tracking.
I would for example create 1 main trip named: HomeTown and 2 sub-trips: OnFoot and ByBike.
The HomeTown would show the tracking of OnFoot and ByBike, while each sub-trip would show only its own tracking.
Swtich between OnFoot and ByBike should be possible, so that I can re-start logging at any time.
Travelling, it would allow one to know the distance using different transport modes, for example.
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Čvc 11, 2016
Jakub Lajner agent napsal
Hi Frederico,

Thank you very much for your feedback and for using Geotag Photos Pro 2.

We are considering to add the feature allwoing to continue in arbitrary trip in our next updates.

Unfortunately we are not planing to add an opportunity to create subtrips at the moment.

If you ever have any problem or question, feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day
Best regards
Čvc 13, 2016
Frederico Pflug napsal
great! thank you!