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Geotag app loads black images or does not find any photos in my folder
On some systems, Geotag Photos desktop app may struggle with folder names that c... more
Geotag is not working with SD card on my Macbook
Apart from many other computers or external memory card readers, the card reader... more
Error "unable to launch application"
The error message saying "unable to launch application" while launching the desk... more
I can't see geotags even though geotagging seems to work fine.
When you import images from camera directly to library of your photo editor (Lig... more
Geotag Photos can't be opened because it's from unidentified developer
When you are launching Geotag Photos on OS X or the first time, youmightget foll... more
Geotag Photos desktop don't start on Mac OS X in Safari
In new version of Safari, Safari don't start Geotag Photos Pro desktop app autom... more
Error message "Failed to validate certificate"
In case you are getting the error message "Failed to validate certificate, Appli... more
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