fix typo

Dec 13, 2016
Sanja wrote
On the promo codes state you spelled Already with two L - it should be just one. Thanks for the awesome app!
1 Answer
Dec 14, 2016
Jiri Toman agent wrote
Hi Sanja<br /> <br /> Thank you very much for letting us know, it is a great help. We are happy that you like our app.<br /> <br /> I apologize for the delay in response for your previous question. I received it, but redeemco isn't my main responsibility so I transferred it to my colleague. Sadly our support system somehow failed to complete transfer, which is why he hadn't received it and didn't therefore answer it.<br /> <br /> So to answer for the previous question was that at the moment there weren't induced options for the different IAP. (but we plan to greatly widen the possibilities within redeemco in the next year)<br /> <br /> Also tomorrow I will relay the 2 L situation to our developer.<br /> <br /> Thank you for understanding and using redeemco :)<br />
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