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How to make the app work on Apple Watch?

The app is unable to work as a standalone station on the Apple Watch. Due to WatchOS limitations, it can be used only as a remote screen for the iPhone set up as a Person Station.

Here is a guide on how to receive vibrating notifications on the Apple Watch.

  • iPhone has to be paired with the watch, and our app has to be allowed to show on the watch in the Watch app on iPhone (My Watch -> Dog Monitor-> Show app on Apple Watch).

  • iPhone paired to the watch has set up all desired notifications  (Settings -> Notifications -> Dog Monitor) and in the Watch app (My Watch -> Notifications -> Dog Monitor ->  Mirror iPhone alerts).

  • Watch is not running in the “Do not disturb mode” and doesn't have the lock-screen password turned on.

  • Both devices are in the sleep mode, there is a mute option in the app on iPhone (Menu -> Mute) and vibrations off (Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Vibrate when noisy).

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