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Why my video doesn't work?

The issues with the video may be caused by a couple of reasons. We use 3 different messages to notify you about them.

Message: Restarting video Video stream was terminated. It usually happens when the network connection is weak or when the device switched to another network.

  • This message usually appears when the used network is unable to support the video feed at the moment; it might help if you lower the video quality in the settings of the Parent station (Menu -> Settings -> Video settings -> adjust quality). (The app is designed to end a video feed and maintain voice monitoring rather than to lose connection completely.)

Message: Video is slow It usually happens when you are on a slow network or using cellular internet.

  • If the video feed is too slow, we suggest adjusting the video quality in the settings of the Parent Station (Menu -> Settings -> Video settings -> adjust quality).

Message: Video unavailable Check if the Baby Station is not in the background mode. The audio signal is not affected.

  • This issue is caused mostly by the locked phone. Apple and Google don't allow their devices to use a camera on the locked device due to security restrictions. To solve this issue, unlock your phone and don’t press the lock button on that device while you want to use the app. Don’t worry about the stream, the display will turn off, but the phone will not be locked and everything will be working smoothly.

If the general directions above don't help, could you try to switch Baby and Parent Stations, and could you send us an email if the issue persists? Please also add some details about which device is the Baby Station and which is the Parent Station. What operating system do they use?

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