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Privacy and security

Your privacy and security are our main concerns and our priority and we are transparent about how we handle your data. 


How we handle your data? 

How can I remove my consent with T&S? 

In order to use our app, it's necessary to agree with our Terms of Service / Terms and conditions. If you would like to remove your consent, please contact our support with a request to delete your ...  

How can I access and update my data?

You can access your data (email address, family name, password) and update them in Barkio → Menu → Settings → Account. You can access and update information about your Dogs in the same Settings → Dogs.

How do I delete my account? 

First, please make sure to cancel any active Barkio Premium subscription that you have. You can cancel your subscription following our guide: How to cancel Barkio Premium. To delete your Family Account and all its data, please contact our support, we'll get in touch with you shortly. 



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