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Data and battery consumption

We understand that battery and data consumption is very important, and we constantly try to reduce power and data consumption.

However, the battery consumption is affected by many factors - the overall condition of the battery, if the video feature is being used, if Person Station is monitoring on the foreground, etc. 

If possible, we recommend keeping the Dog Station plugged in the charger. On the Person Station, it is possible to use the background monitoring mode, which is very battery friendly. 

Equally, data consumption is affected by many factors. Audio and video transmission, quality of the video, and the quality of the internet connection all play a part in the amount of data used. When the video feature is used, the data consumption will be significantly higher than if using audio-only. An hour of audio monitoring consumes usually around 1-5 MB (but can be higher); video monitoring usually consumes about 10 MB / minute (but can be higher). 

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