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Is my data secure?

Security and privacy are very important to us. And the best way how to keep your data safe is, simply not to store them in the first place. That’s why we only keep these essentials that enable the Baby Monitor 3G to work correctly:

  • The unique identifier that we create after you install the app. It’s not the device ID that you can see in Settings. It’s a random array of letters and numbers that we generate so you can connect with other devices. It’s actually useless for anybody but us.
  • Your device name (for example John’s iPad ) so we can show you, what device you’re connected to.

And that’s it. We don’t know your name, email, or location, we don’t have gigabytes of photos or audio lying on our servers! We can’t sell your personal data or share them with third parties because we don’t have them.

The entire communication is encrypted by industry-standard SSL.

When you use the Baby Monitor 3G on your local Wi-Fi, the audio and video communication is not sent to the internet at all. The app sends a small amount of data to our server. These data enable us to double-check, whether both your stations are connected and transfer them to 3G/4G if your Wi-Fi becomes weak.

When you’re using 3G/4G or LTE or two different Wi-Fi networks, the communication has to run through our server, but both the audio and your pictures are encrypted using End-to-End Encryption. It means that nothing between our server and your device can hear your audio or see your pictures.

Before the parent station can start monitoring your baby station it has to be paired by entering the 9 digit number from one to another. No one can connect to your baby station unless you are paired with this device. You can see all the devices you’re paired with shown in the device list within the app.

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