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Desktop app doesn't find any matching photos

This happens when the time, date, or time zone setting on the camera is not synced with your phone. To resolve it, we have made both video and text guides.

Here is a video guide (https://youtu.be/Njfa4-G0E_E).

  1. Open the desktop Geotag Photos Pro app.

  2. Choose Trip (or GPX file) and Photos directory.

  3. Click either Start Geotagging or click On "Fix camera time".

  4. Input the time by which you wish to adjust the tagging process.

  5. Click on the Start Geotagging button [in the bottom part of the left sidebar] to start tagging.

  6. After the tagging process is finished, it should show you an alert message "Geotagging completed!" with the number of photos that were tagged successfully.

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