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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Geotag Photos work without the internet connection?
Yes, Geotag Photos will work even when your phone is not connected to the intern... more
Does desktop version supports RAW camera formats?
Yes, and plenty of them. Desktop Geotag Photos Pro supports more than 40 RAW fil... more
How much will Geotag Photos drain my battery?
It's really hard to say, because it depends on your phone and condition of its b... more
How can I reset my password?
To change your password simply visit: https://www.geotagphotos.net/lost-password
I have two accounts and I want to merge them.
Just email us both usernames and email addresses to support@tappytaps.com (mailt... more
What is difference between the Lite and Pro versions (iOS only)?
The Lite version doesn't have the autolog feature. This means that you have to p... more
Desktop app says "Exiftools can't be opened"
Exiftools is an open source library that Geotag uses to write the GPS data to EX... more
Why did Geotag Photos Pro 2 terminate?
There are many reasons why the app might have terminated. The most common one is... more
Desktop app won't find any matching photos
This happens when the time, date or time zone setting in camera is not synced wi... more
I uploaded my trip, but it is not visible on the web.
This happens when your trip is not uploaded to the server correctly. To fix it: ... more
I cannot link mobile application with Dropbox.
Our Geotag Photos app currently doesn’t support automatic linking with Dropbox o... more
Which app do you recommend to work with geotagged images?
You can use the free Google Picasa or Apple's Photos app, professional apps like... more
How can I use Geotag Photos with Lightroom?
Geotag Photos is a great complement to Lightroom. With internal geotagging featu... more
Can I use Geotag Photos in Airplane mode?
Yes, in iOS the airplane mode blocks only the Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth viz.... more
How can I get the GPX file of my trip?
There are multiple ways how you can get the GPX file of your trip. 1.Using Dr... more
How can I reupload my trips?
On Android Open Geotag Photos Pro on your phone > open the menu > select ... more
How can I get desktop application?
The desktop version of Geotag Photos is available for free on geotagphotos.net. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Do you plan to distribute your desktop app in Mac App Store?
At the moment we don't plan to add the Desktop app to the Mac App Store, but we'... more
How to get GPX file without internet connection?
That depends on what devices are you using. Generally, if you look into the tri... more