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How to set up Camerito?

Setting up Camerito is straightforward, allowing you to start monitoring your place with ease. Camerito uses two device roles: πŸŽ₯ Camera (records footage) and πŸ“± Viewer (connects remotely to Cameras, reviews events). Here's how to get started:


πŸ“š Steps to set it up

  1. Download the App: First, download Camerito on two devices - one to use as the Camera and the other as the Viewer. You can add more devices later.

  2. Pair the Devices: Open the app and follow the in-app steps to pair your Camera and Viewer. See our guide for detailed info.

  3. Place the Camera Device: Position the Camera in a location that maximizes room coverage. Think about angles and height for the best view.

  4. Adjust Sensitivity Settings: Tailor the noise and motion sensitivity to suit your monitoring needs. This helps in fine-tuning notification triggers and event recording.

    • πŸŽ₯ Camera: Go to Settings -> Noise Detection / Motion Detection
    • πŸ“± Viewer: Select  the "β ‡" icon next to your Camera preview -> Camera Settings -> Noise Detection / Motion Detection.


πŸ’‘ Tips for Optimal Setup

  • Orientation: For general surveillance, use the device in landscape orientation to cover more space.
  • Power Supply: Ensure the Camera device is connected to a charger, especially for permanent use.
  • Low-light Mode: For night-time or low-light surveillance, activate Low-light mode on the Viewer. This automaticallyenhances Camera performance in poor lighting. Note: This feature is not available for desktop Cameras.
    • How to: connect to the Camera from a Viewer -> select Low-light on the bottom feature panel
  • Two-way Video: If you plan to use the Camera for two-way communication, use the front cam on the Camera device.
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