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How can I pair my two devices?

The pairing process is really simple, and it does not take more than 60 seconds. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pair your devices:

  • On the starting screen tap the menu in the bottom left corner and choose the small icon of a phone (only tap on the small icon of the phone for Android devices)
  • Click on “add device” on both stations
  • Choose one device as a Dog Station and the other one as a Person Station
  • Fill the nine-digit code from the Dog Station to the Person Station and click on “Pair”
  • Confirm on the Dog Station, and both devices should be paired

This process is mandatory only for the new devices (and it starts directly from step 4). Later you can simply choose whether the device will be used as the Dog Station or the Person Station. Whenever you would like to use any additional devices, you'll have to go through this pairing process. The list of already paired devices can be found when clicking on the small icon of a phone on the home page.

There is no problem with using two devices with different Apple IDs or pairing between Apple device and Android device.

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