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How to get GPX file without the internet connection?

It depends on what devices are you using.

Generally, if you look into the Trip history and tap on the "..." icon within the specific trip, the app should offer you an option to share the trip.

  • If you use the macOS and iOS, the app will offer you the option to share your trip via Airplay.
  • If you use iPhone and Windows: Install iTunes and connect the iPhone with a USB cable. In the iTunes menu, you should be able to click on the small iPhone icon (select the correct device if you have connected multiple) next to the selection of the store part (Music). Then choose Apps from the list on the left side and scroll down. There should be part of the page named File Sharing Geotag Photos should be there. Choose it and trips should available on the right side of the page. [ If you use macOS Catalina you can find the device via Finder not iTunes in the Files folder of the device. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210611]
  • If you use an Android phone, there is an option to share via Bluetooth(Guide for Mac OS and Guide for Windows 10 ).

Also if you use the Geotag Photos Tagger for iPad, just choose it as a sharing option and apps will work out the rest.

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